• Physical Therapy & Underwater Treadmill

    In many ways, animals are very similar to humans, who often require physical therapy (rehabilitation) to regain function after surgery or trauma. At Neel Veterinary Hospital, we use the latest techniques for rehabilitation, because after a successful orthopedic surgery, there is still a lot of work to be done. is only the beginning for your pet.

    Neel Veterinary Hospital has the first and only private underwater treadmill in the state of Oklahoma.

    Combined with physical therapy, this treatment modality helps pets who have undergone orthopedic surgical procedures recover faster and regain strength and mobility.

    This safe and gentle therapeutic approach to joint and limb care has also proven beneficial for geriatric patients who suffer from progressive, age related joint diseases such as arthritis.

    We also use many other types of therapy including balancing exercises, massage, range of motion, stretching, and physioballs to assist us in returning function to your pet’s healing muscles and bones.

    When is Rehabilitation Necessary?


    Physical Rehabilitation is a controlled exercise environment that allows your pet to regain function after surgery or an injury, minimizes the risk of re-injury, and prevents muscle atrophy and other complications of disease.

    Any pet that is suffering from arthritis, post-operative orthopedics, post-operative disc herniation repair, muscular degeneration or degenerative neurologic problems may benefit from rehabilitation.

    Surgical recovery can be slow, painful, and often take months. We have designed rehab programs to facilitate the recovery process and significantly reduce your pet’s recovery time.

    Pain associated with aging and with post-operative recovery can be significantly reduced and sometimes eliminated with rehab. Regular sessions in the underwater treadmill, massage, and range of motion exercises are excellent therapies to help pets maintain good physical health as they age.

    If your pet is suffering from a physical ailment, is aging, or has any of the conditions above, call NVH today for more information or to schedule an appointment for physical therapy exam. Our trained veterinarians and Certified Canine Rehab Practitioner will work together to design a program specifically for your pet.

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