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    Neel Veterinary Hospital understands the importance of quality radiographs in the diagnosis of many conditions, so our radiology suite is equipped with a state of the art x-ray machine and digital processor. Using advanced technology, our doctors are able to make the best decisions for your pet.

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    What does digital radiology mean to you?

    It means that digital images stay with your pet’s file on our computers and are not stored off-site, so x-rays are available to our doctors 24/7. Digital images are of better quality than traditional film images and do not degrade over time.

    Digital x-rays are very portable. If needed, you can take your pet’s images with you on a thumb drive. The images can also be emailed to you or to a veterinary specialist, if your pet’s condition requires referral.

    Digital x-ray technology is safer for everyone. It results in less photon exposure for the patient and for our staff. Since traditional film is not used, our staff and the environment are not exposed to chemicals used in developing.

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